I wanted to show you the fruits of my knitting labor today — I’ve been knitting so much to soothe myself that I actually made a blister on my finger! Alas, I tried taking some photos of the knitted pieces but it didn’t work. The sun was glare-y, I didn’t want to be the mannequin, I don’t have a mannequin, a chair really doesn’t look like a mannequin, and one of the things is a beret. Berets look like a pancake without a head (or a faux head) in them! I’ll try to take some photos whilst they are in action in the coming weeks.

My water bottle, though, was a willing model!


My bottle tends to get condensation on the outside when I fill it with cold water, and I usually put it in a little bag inside my bigger bag, or wrap a napkin around it. I thought for my upcoming trip, knitting a cozy for it would be a nicer solution to the problem! It’s made of hemp yarn in a grey color which I think compliments the stainless steel well. It’s so much easier to handle with the cozy instead of a napkin or bag around it. I like that it has a bottom and is not just a strip around the bottle.


I got the basic idea for what do from this water bottle cozy, but had to adjust the amount of cast on stitches because my bottle is 12 inches in circumference. I also chose to make it in a solid color, and have it end at the top of the bottle rather than the neck. I had the yarn, so this was a zero coupon improvement! I should have done this years ago.

Speaking of years ago, I realized I got this bottle in 2008 and use it whenever I’m out and about. Imagine all of the plastic bottles and paper cups I haven’t used since 2008 because of this wonderful bottle?! ❤


  1. How smart of you, to be knitting as a way to comfort yourself in tough times! I know that making pretty, useful things has buoyed me when the going has gotten rough, too.

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