Clothing Coupons for 2014 — All Gone


I finished spending my clothing coupons for 2014. I wanted to get some very useful basics that I haven’t been able to find second-hand or make. Here’s what I decided on, and why…

I chose Lands’ End as the place to purchase said items. They have classic pieces that are reasonably well made, and actually have a pretty detailed sustainability agenda for a big company. Would I have liked to get them from a small business that uses organic materials? Of course I would. 🙂 But I haven’t been able to find very classic pieces that are also from a small biz and green. They tend to be funkier pieces — and I’m drowning in funky! I also tend to make funkier things myself.

If you know of a small, green place that sells classic stuff at a reasonable price (not meaning low — I’m willing to spend a fair price but I can’t afford, say, $500 for a dress) I’m all ears! Please leave me a comment 🙂

I needed some tops — black ones that can go with my handmade skirts. I’ve mentioned before how hot my office is (old building and we can’t control the heat) so I wanted cotton, and something thin. I also wanted something dressier than a t-shirt. I found the perfect two tops for my needs — Supima cotton sweaters — one short-sleeved and one 3/4 sleeved. I’ve already worn them so many times even though I just got them! They look much nicer than a t-shirt, don’t make me feel too hot, and I love the way they fit — not too loose, not too tight, not too long, not too short. I also love how fine gauge they are — I would have to use 00000 needles to get something so fine if I made it myself. Bonus — I think I can wear these 3 if not 4 seasons a year.

As per the wartime coupon system, these sweaters require five coupons each.

I also mentioned how I really needed a plain black dress since I had so many print ones — I found one! It’s already sold out, but it’s this one, only all in black. I am saving this to wear for the first time in Chicago (hence the travel friendly fabric), but hope to wear it to my office holiday celebration, my mom’s memorial meal, and my husband’s birthday celebration in early January before putting it into workaday rotation. This was a big points eater — 11 points!

10 + 11 = 21, and I had exactly 21 coupons left. Ta da! Done! I’m pretty satisfied that I got super useful things that were exactly what I needed.

I have lots and lots of finished knitting to show you guys as soon as I take some photos of them. I hope to get to that this weekend. Until then!


Clothing: NONE out of 66
Soap: 14 out of 36
Tea: NONE out of 10

(image from wikimedia commons)


  1. It’s been fun and interesting seeing how you have spent your coupons. I suspect like me most buys fall in the ‘sensible’/’practical’/staples carries with only a few precious ones used for frivolities as we mostly make the frivolities ourself or find them in second hand shops… Rationing really has consolidated a quality boutique wardrobe. My next update will follow shortly too.

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