It seems strange to write this, but even stranger not to. My mother died on Wednesday. She had Multiple Sclerosis and was sick for almost 20 years, but her final, fatal illness was an infection which killed her within days. It is a shock — I spoke to her one day and she was as usual, and the very next day she was completely non-responsive.

I will be quieter than usual for a little while.


  1. So sorry to hear of your loss, Jackie – my thoughts are with you while you take some time away. x

  2. Oh, Jackie–how sad and awful! What a shock, to have this happen at all and, especially, so quickly. I’m glad you let us know what happened so you can know that we care.

    1. Thanks, Ruth. It’s a tough thing, but it happened the evening before Thanksgiving so the entire holidays have been harder and different. I’ve been keeping a stiff upper lip but oh the dreams and nightmares!

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