Having Fun With It

Take a look at this photo:


It looks like a nice bottle of whiskey, yes?

It once was — last summer. A number of mint juleps took care of that 😉 I thought it was a wonderfully handsome bottle, though, and saved it. When I purchased my latest bottle of Dr. Woods Black Soap, I was looking at the amber liquid, and remembered my bourbon bottle and — I had to.


He hee 🙂

I think the bourbon bottle is very much at home with the little jar that formerly contained lemon curd that I use to put my apple cider vinegar and water mixture in for my hair with the old silver soup spoon. The jar measures a perfect cup. The small jug which held balsamic vinegar now holds the apple cider hair vinegar enhanced with lavender essential oil.


I also can’t forget the ceramic bowl my coworker made, filled with my hand crocheted wash cloths:


This is one of the extremely fun parts of my rationing project — taking a simple thing like soap beside your tub to a wonderful flight of fancy. In the buy, buy, buy mentality of our culture, too few pause to enhance the small details of their lives (except, perhaps, to throw more money at them). I believe that Green, creative solutions are contained in taking time, and exercising the imagination. I am so pleased that I was able to make this assemblage out of empty jars and bottles, a gift, a little making, and a mysterious silver spoon — no one in my family remembers how it got into our possession. It makes me smile (and giggle) every time I take a bath.

A thought — Make do and mend can also be seen as Make, Do, and Mend! Just a little doing (soaking off the label and sterilizing the bottle) added to making and preserving changes the “settling for” to a mantra with agency. I like.

After my latest purchase of Dr. Woods — thee coupon count:


Clothing: 21 out of 66
Soap: 14 out of 36
Tea: NONE out of 10


  1. I absolutely love it. I thought I was embracing Make, Do and Mend by turning empty whiskey and sherry bottles into containers for rice and other grains and old tea tins into a container for the laundry borax, but having read this, I think I may use the next empty whiskey bottle for the washing up liquid… If nothing else, just to intrigue my guests 😉

    Like you, I love the quirkiness of home-made cosmetics – in my case admittedly single ingredient ones – in a collection of old jam jars. And now, thanks to the lovely yarn you sent, I’m adding my own face flannels too!

    I guess I enjoy this approach as I do it out of choice, unlike my grandparents and my parents when they were starting out who found these types of solution because ‘needs must’.

    1. I meant to tell you — I started reading This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein, and it only took her to page 16 to mention Wartime rationing, and how victory gardens, consuming less, public transportation, and less travel dramatically decreased carbon emissions. And a I am learning through this boo, oh my do we ever need to decrease carbon emissions.

      1. Indeed! And alas the emissions are not the only urgent story. We are not only chewing through the earth’s resources at a ridiculous pace, pumping CO2, methane… into the atmosphere in the process. Top soil erosion is scary, not to mention acidification and eutrophication of our waters, the loss of biodiversity – not just cute fluffy animals but many smaller creatures that keep ecosystems in balance…

        I have to admit, there are moments of despondency in the face of all of this and political and corporate apathy. There is definitely a role for activism but also, I think, for the gentle activism that comes from sharing the joys of a living a more fulfilling life with a little less stuff and a lot more creativity.

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