You might remember that I came home from Indianapolis one vintage slip short (how that happened is still a complete mystery to me, btw!)! I finally got a chance to sew a replacement, and I’m so happy with the way it came out!

I used some raw silk fabric that I had already, which I washed and dried. This gives it a slightly crinkly look, and also makes it so that you can always wash it yourself — no dry cleaning! I used the pattern I drafted for my Vibrant Matter skirt, some fold over elastic, and did the hem in some red silk embroidery floss that I’ve had in my possession for almost 20 years! I sewed it by hand, and even stitched the raw edges on the inner seams by hand.


Can you see those teeny tiny rolled hem stitches? They fill me with glee!

Once I was done, I realized it was not so much a slip as a layer. I can wear it like a skirt, or over other longer skirts, or under shorter dresses! It’s pretty enough to stick out and be clothing, not underwear. I also love the feel of the silk so much more than the nylon material slips are usually made of.

It was really relaxing to make — I love sewing by hand!

Here I am ready to run out the door after a long day at work. I wore the new silk layer under a shorter dress, which I wore a sweater over, which I wore a hand knit shawl over. Don’t forget the hand crocheted beret! Multilayered indeed!


Kinda European Peasant Meets 1980s Bohemian Eccentric?

I also can’t resist sharing this outtake — doesn’t it look like I am a ghost with webbed hands?!?!


(It’s Friday, and I’ve had a long week — forgive me for being silly!)

Yay — new slip — no — LAYER! No coupons used! Now I’m spoiled. I want to make all my future layers in silk.


  1. I love this look – very Berlin 1984! Also, I’m mightily impressed at hand stitching. I agree about silk -v- nylon. More expensive for sure but a completely different feel!

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