Mentioning the Unmentionable(s)


I can’t believe I’m going to talk about my underwear on the internet


it is imperative that I keep my ration coupons up to date!

When I was organizing my lingerie drawer at the season changeover, I noticed that my bras were showing signs of wear. Bits of elastic poking out, a sort of run in my one nude colored bra . . . nothing that would make me not wear these items (it would take a snapped underwire or such for that to happen!) but I did pause and realize that I should get one new bra this year since I have the coupons. I got my tried and true: 3 coupons spent.


The Bali Minimizer Satin Tracings bra: a comfortable and nice looking in a fuddy duddy retro way number for the amply endowed. I’ve been buying this style whenever I need a new one for gosh — almost 20 years! The padded, wide straps are a lifesaver!

I’m really practical when it comes to unmentionables. I have 2 black bras, 2 nude bras, and all of my underwear is black, nude, or a combination of black and nude (lace, leopard! I am a little frivolous) so everything matches and looks put together. I also have two sports bras although I don’t play sports. These are for gardening and such; I do not wear them in polite company! These numbers allow me to have each color/type to wear during the week and then handwash and hang dry the alternates.

Remember — you don’t put a bra in a dryer!



Clothing: 27 out of 66
Soap: 24 out of 36
Tea: NONE out of 10


  1. I too took a deep breath before I hit the publish button on my bra post last year but these garments are a fact of life and therefore rationing. As I’m hardly gaminesque, my unmentionables undergo a lot of wear and tear so like you, I go for preventative restocking! Unsurprisingly I have a tried and tested model and if M&S dares to discontinue it, I suspect there will be a significant rebellion amongst the good women of the UK!

    1. I know just how you feel! If my bra got discontinued — I can’t even think about it. I still remember having bras that felt ok in the store and then I would wear them for the day and — ow. The worst one actually drew blood. My coworker asked to go home early sick recently and I asked if she was ok and she said her new bra was killing her so bad that she had to get it off! This is a serious problem 🙂

  2. I empathise. And I have a broad back so it’s really hard to find comfortable bras. If I ever win money I’ll be having personalised hand made ones…..

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