Leather Balm

My every day purse (and by every day, I mean every day for the last 6 years (!) was looking sad and dry and in need of some TLC:



Poor thing!

As soon as I saw Humblebee and Me’s post about concocting your own leather balm, I knew I had to make it for my purse.

It was super simple — just:

25g beeswax
25g cocoa butter
50g sweet almond oil (or other not-too-greasy liquid oil)

which you melt in a double boiler type set up (I just put my tin in a shallow pan of water and it worked great) and cool to harden.


I used a tiny round tin that tea was in to replicate the tinned shoe polish look!

I am happy to say that this stuff works GREAT! I rubbed it in with an old rag, let it sit a little, then went over the purse with a fresh clean rag to take off any excess (it was so dry that there wasn’t much excess). Look how nice my bag now looks — it gleams!


I was so excited that I rounded up every leather item in my possession (two other bags, a few pairs of shoes, a few pairs of boots) and gave them a treatment. It only took a half hour and everything looks gorgeous — and most importantly is moisturized and protected. Like anything, leather items will last longer and look nicer longer if taken care of. I want to do this once a season.

The other cool thing about this balm is that it can also be used on alive humans 🙂 I think it would do well on dry heels and cuticles. I know my hands felt fantastic after I used this on my bags! Not something you can say about commercial shoe products.

This was a zero coupon endeavor — I had all of the supplies already (although I’m getting SO LOW on cocoa butter. I think I can make one more batch of body butter when my current batch runs out and that’s about it! I’m hoping I can make it to the new year, but if not I have a good amount of soap coupons left to get some more of this important ingredient).

Many thanks to Humblebee and Me for a fantastic recipe! I love her blog — do check it out for loads of amazing DIY.


  1. I love it, leather polish that will buff up battered shoes & battered feet! (I wonder whether it works on wood too, as I need to polish some old cabinets too?)

    I’m definitely going to order myself some beeswax and cocoa butter as they seem to be staples for home-made concoctions! I have to say, I increasingly feel like some medieval witch mixing up lotions, potions and salves…

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