…and the shoe makeover is complete.

A quick post so that I am forthcoming with my spent coupons!

I now have a pair of comfy, cute sandals for the summer:


Again, my purchase was fueled by nostalgia: these were the sandals I wanted when I was 10 years old.  They’re summer camp in Maine (not day camp in the city). They’re swimming in lakes (not down da shore).  They’re hammocks and wildflowers (not plastic slip covers and concrete).

Five coupons — not too bad for all of that 😉

Happy First Day of Summer!


Clothing: 52 out of 66
Soap: 30 out of 36
Tea: 6 out of 10




  1. They look as if they have good support in the soles. A rare find in sandals!

    I’m considering investing in a pair of traditional Lancashire clogs. (My mum would be proud of me, as that’s where my maternal ancestors are from!) I am not talking about fashion clogs but working shoes made by a handful of remaining craftsmen. I really like the idea of a/ buying a simple clog made to order (i.e. from a drawing of your foot!) and b/ keeping a traditional craft alive and in the process supporting a real artisan. Also, these guys make clogs from sycamore (which grows like a weed) and use vegetable dyed leathers, so multiple environmental ticks. The really daft thing is that they cost less than a pair of brogues/boots from a fashionable label!

    Oh, and in hunting out a pair of dancer’s fishnet tights (thanks for that suggestion!), I was reminded that the next time I need a pair of smart heels, I should just buy ballroom dancing/tango shoes. Those companies still make comfortable heels and supply them in half sizes!

    1. The clogs sound really neat! That reminds me that I wanted to try these: http://www.aurorashoeco.com

      but it slipped my mind! Next time I need shoes. You can send them tracings of your feet, too.

      So true about the tango shoes! I also used to have character shoes from the dance supply —


      they were so great for dressing up, and comfortable. The soles were not meant for every day wear, but for evenings out and the occasional here and there, they were perfect. I danced a hole into the bottom in my heyday 🙂 I have to remember those too. I go out so rarely these days — the two pairs of dressy heels I currently have will probably last me ages!

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