Create the things you wish existed.



I am so jealous of the people who can wear regular shoes without socks. Not me. I get terrible shoe bites on my poor, tender feet! If I want to wear regular shoes, I must wear socks. I realized that I could use a pair of black low cut (nicer for spring an summer) socks — I have crazy stripes, colors, you name it — but I needed something for when I’m wearing crazy stripes or colors. 🙂 I looked around, and all of the low cut socks available were sold in large packages — sometimes I saw three pairs, but usually six came in each one. I didn’t want six pairs of black socks (that would have cost TWELVE COUPONS! No way! That’s a dress and a pair of shoes! Now really). I wanted a pair. One. Pair. Uno. Ein. Un.

So, I made ’em!


These are the Lacy Summer Footlets by Betsy Lee McCarthy. They take only one skein (!!!) of sock yarn and are super fun to knit.


The lace is a real cute detail, and the socks themselves are very cushy and comfortable for walking. I took these photos on my walk home from the train. I even stopped in the park I walk through and put my feet up on a bench for a second to admire my new socks that didn’t cost a single, solitary point, as I had this skein of black sock yarn in my stash.


These socks made me pause to remember how much agency we actually do have. Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” has always resonated with me, and I try to make it one of my guiding principles. When I saw the quote in my post title the other day whilst perusing thee internet  I felt as if it was embellishing that principle, and infusing it with action. As I’ve been bumping up against problems, I’ve been thinking about how I might create (not buy, not complain about) a solution. It is useful not only for material things. How do you create an opportunity? A community? A friendship? I’m working on it, in earnest.


  1. They are lovely. I’m not one of life’s sock knitters and I usually loose interest before the interesting job of turning the heel, so maybe this is an idea I should adopt to use up some of my sock yarn.

    1. Just 6 rows of ribbing until you get to the heel, then once you turn the heel you are doing the gussets AND lace. Before you know it, you’re doing the toe decreases. For the size of my foot, it only took 7 repeats of the lace pattern. I usually take a long time to knit socks, but I did each one in 2 weekend days. I highly recommend!

  2. Your comment is spot on: all our little creative endeavours are part of finding ways to deal with challenges rather than opt for commoditised solutions!

    And thanks for reminding me that sock knitting is not just for winter. I have the same problem with bare feet in shoes, really love lacy socks – memories of childhood probably – and have loads of single skeins left from my knitting projects.

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