I Spent Some Clothing Coupons!

Shucks. I spent some clothing coupons. I had grand visions of gliding through this challenge without spending a single clothing coupon because so much can be made, purchased second hand, or done without. Not these things:


I bought these at the drugstore in desperation after a I wore a skirt sans stockings on a hot, sticky day. Oh my the chafing. It was bad; I was near tears and it took days to feel better. My regular tights are not a solution because they are too hot. Cotton yoga capris aren’t a solution because it is like you are wearing a skirt and pants — bulk, everything sticks together, and again, hot. Not wearing skirts and dresses in the summer is not a solution because it would reduce my wardrobe so much that I’d have 4 things to wear. I needed to make a compromise.

They are not green, and not made in the fairest of factories. I read in wikileaks, after I purchased them, that the Hanes corporation lobbied the government of Haiti to not increase minimum wage. Sigh. Hanes owns Bali, the maker of the only bra that doesn’t dig into my shoulders and poke at me, too. Double sigh.

But, they work exactly as I need them to work and are not too hot. I also think they look cute in a Madonna circa 1984 way:


Ack, work bathroom – including trash can.

I bought two pairs so that I can have a pair drying and a pair to wear. I’m going to baby them with gentle hand washes so they last as long as possible and I don’t have to buy any more for a very long time!

The nitty gritty:

As per the coupon system, these babies cost two coupons each.


Clothing: 62 out of 66
Soap: 30 out of 36
Tea: 6 out of 10

Not too bad, as in just a little more than a month, I will be half way through the challenge!


  1. You’re doing so well that you really shouldn’t beat yourself up about this. Modern life *is* a compromise and sometimes there aren’t alternatives. In an ideal world we would all grow our own food and make our own clothes. But if you can minimise your impact on the world that’s pretty good going!!

    1. Yes, I think we would all drive ourselves crazy if we didn’t allow some compromise into our lives! It is one of the reasons I like this coupon system — it acknowledges that resources are finite, but allows the individual to make decisions on how to allocate the finite resources. Also, the point of this project is not to suffer, and omg how I suffered without these things! :0

  2. This really resonates!

    Until recently I relied on three pairs of nude coloured fishnet tights in the summer. They were an absolute treasure. I washed them by hand religiously. They containd just enough fabric to ensure legs were comfortable under a skirt and feet the same in shoes but were cool enough for warm summer days. Despite the utmost care they eventually died and when I tried to restock, the sales rep at Marks & Spencer told me “There is no call for them, Madam!”, much to my chagrin!

    Your leggings sum up how we should be treating items whose credentials aren’t great. Buy them because they are really necessary to not be in unnecessary discomfort but acknowledge their limitations and therefore take extra special care of them so they last. Hopefully this approach will catch on, be rediscovered/relearnt!

    1. Nude fishnets are a great idea for the summer! I have a pair of grey ones that I love, but they have little silver bits on them so I save them for evening wear. I wonder if you go to a local dance supply store they will have them. I think Capezio is made in Italy. I’ll be going to try and find some too (just call me copycat!)!!

  3. Jackie, that is a super idea! It would never have occurred to me to look at dancers’ fishnet tights. I bet as they are designed for voltes and pirouettes they would be sturdier than most fashionable tights too. And there are a couple of amazing dancewear shops in London because of the Royal Ballet, Saddler’s Wells… In hindsight this is a no-brainer but a superb example of how others can prompt us to think outside the box. (Copycat away as you have fed this idea!).

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