If the Shoe Fits … Repair It!

I had a wonderful experience at the cobbler’s this week!

My Mary Jane clog had a broken strap. I tried various at home fixes — wire, yarn, paperclip (!) — but they all broke again in a month or so. I admitted DIY defeat, and went to the cobbler. Gosh, I should have done this sooner! $10 USD and 2 days of waiting got me a beautifully repaired buckle, an expert shine, and lots of loose stitching re-stitched on my shoes! They came back to me looking like a new pair!



I also had some amazing luck with getting new-to-me shoes at the cobbler! My local cobbler sells the shoes that people never pick up, usually for the price of the repair done.  Look at the beauties I picked up for $25 USD:



I knew this was a good brand when I saw it. It was obvious that they were in great condition plus had new heels put on by the cobbler. They were perfectly my type — a nod to vintage style, low heel. BUT! I was shocked and pleased to note when I got back to my office and did a quick internet search that they retailed for $159 USD new! Wow, what a bargain. Look at that new heel job!


This isn’t the first time I lucked out purchasing freshly repaired shoes at the cobbler, either. Sometimes, I think the cobbler is the best place to buy used shoes. Here is my rationale:

-people usually only take good quality or very very cute and loved shoes to the cobbler to repair.

-you purchase a freshly repaired pair of shoes, not a pair someone is getting rid of because they think they’re past their prime as is often the case at the thrift shop.

-they are usually shined and looking beautiful.

-you are helping the shop make their labor and material costs back.

What’s not to love!? If you have a local cobbler, I urge you to support him or her. Get some new heels put on instead of throwing away your favorites, and ask if they have any shoes in your size that someone didn’t pick up. Some call it a dying art, but others notice business is booming as people change their throw-away habits.   I love this! I hope we see a real comeback in cobblers, tailors, and other repairpeople.

Yay! I feel like I have two new pairs of shoes, and I spent zero coupons!

(title: I did not think up this clever title — it’s the motto of the shop I frequent 🙂 I couldn’t agree more!!!)



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  1. That’s brilliant! We have a couple of shoe repair guys locally and I noticed that a couple of shops have opened up to repair and mend clothing – excellent trend I think. Now to get out my ancient sewing machine and do a bit of mending….!

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