Liquid Gold


I have been hearing so much about facial moisturizing with oil. At first. it sounded to me like a recipe for disaster — oil on my face? Don’t I wash my face to remove oil? Don’t I powder my face to minimize the appearance of oil? My experiments with the no-poo method for my hair have lead me to a new appreciation of trying things that don’t seem like they make sense but actually make perfect sense once you peel back the layers of marketing and pseudo-science we’ve been exposed to. Facial oils are a simple way of adding back moisture to your skin in a way that mimics ideal natural oil production. I say, “Let’s give it a try!”

Why? Even my most natural store bought moisturizers have loads of ingredients and preservatives. Making my own lotions can be time consuming and expensive, not only because of ingredient gathering and blending, but because they can have a pretty short shelf life and require frequent making (especially if they contain water). Alternatively, oils have a pretty good shelf life and their simplicity is very appealing to me.

As far as oils are concerned, I’ve heard the buzziest buzz about Argan oil. Some call it Liquid Gold. One reviewer on a beauty site said that it made her skin feel like a “rose petal baby butt.” I chuckled at the hyperbole, but guess what? I bought myself an ounce after reading that, completely intrigued. At worst, I could use it for body care and call it an experiment.

. . .

I’ve now been using Argan oil for just over a month, and love it. Don’t get me wrong — it’s not a miracle. I don’t look 10 years younger or now have a naturally porcelain complexion or any of the other mumbo-jumbo advertisers like to tell you. What I do have is comfortably hydrated and soft skin from 4 tiny drops of oil an application — and that’s pretty darn cool. The first time I used it I actually DID say to myself, “Wow. My skin DOES feel like a rose petal baby butt!” It hasn’t caused clogged pores, a shiny face (my skin might be less shiny to tell the truth), or any other unwanted effects. My one ounce bottle contains organic argan oil and was $9 USD. I expect it to last at least until 2015.

I like to use it after I clean my face and spray it with a light misting of rose water. I put a drop of argan oil on each fingertip (not thumb), press the fingertips of my other hand to the ones with the drops of oil to distribute the oil, and pat the oil on my face and neck. It absorbs immediately. That’s it. The end. Simple, affordable, effective, organic, one ingredient facial moisturizer.

I’m not entirely sure how to calculate an ounce of argan oil into my rationing scheme, but I think 2 soap coupons will do. My new totals:


Clothing: 66 out of 66
Soap: 30 out of 36
Tea: 6 out of 10

Pretty good as I am now past the one quarter mark of the challenge!

(image: argan oil and the nuts it come from, courtesy of



  1. We really are like two peas in a pod where toiletries are concerned! I use apricot kernel oil (as I cannot find argan oil pressed in a nut-free environment) and rose water (or distilled witch hazel). Both items cost a few pounds, come without fancy packaging and last years. I am a marketeer’s nightmare: I have well moisturised, non-itchy skin thanks to simple oils, a healthy diet, plenty of water, fresh air and exercise.

    1. I am a marketer’s nightmare for all of those reasons, plus because I read, think, and investigate (as I know you do too!)! They especially don’t want you to read, think, and investigate!

  2. Sounds amazing! I believe the Japanese use olive oil sparingly – worth experimenting I guess!

    1. I used to use olive oil on my hair — but now use coconut oil. The coconut oil is a little lighter and less expensive (and truth be told, smells better on your head šŸ™‚

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