I (Finally) Spent Some Coupons

I spent my first coupons this week!

I am now the proud owner of 32 ounces of what I surmise is “good quality liquid soap.” As posted in the soap rations: 1/2 pint good quality liquid soap = 1 coupon, so this purchase has cost me 4 soap coupons.

I think this purchase gives me great bang for my coupon buck and also fulfills all of my environmental qualifications. It can be used as a hand and facial wash, a bath soap, a shampoo, for most common household cleaning chores, and laundry. It also contains no animal ingredients and is not animal tested, has no artificial colors, no lauryl/laureth sulfates, and no parabens or phthalates.

I’ve already refilled the pumps I have by our sinks for hand and face washing. This stuff is nice! A mellow, soapy, slightly “castile-y” scent (people online have commented that it smells strange, “manly,” like pine, like rosemary, like liquorice, like herbs, but I barely notice anything!). Your hands feel clean but not dried out. I am also happy to refill our pumps rather than keep purchasing small plastic pump bottles over and over. The rest of the bottle is by the bathtub (a little squirt on a washcloth makes for a lovely bath!), but I am also looking forward to trying it for the myriad other uses listed, as I use up what I have already.

The other thing that made me want to use this soap over others is perusing the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. Have you used this database to help make choices about personal care products? Dr. Woods Castile Soaps score a 1 (low concern) whist many of the liquid soaps I considered at the drugstore were 9, and some at the health food store a 5 and 6! I try not to get too crazy about this stuff, but if I can easily find and like using low concern products, why wouldn’t I?

So, that’s the story of my first 4 spent coupons! Stuff really does have a story, huh?


    1. Gifts are hard! We have little control over those, even if we present ourselves as being strongly in favor of certain things over others. I try and be a thoughtful gift giver, but I know I can miss the mark as often as I hit it. My mom is having trouble reading books (she has multiple sclerosis. She can’t hold the book open and can’t position herself to read comfortably) and I just bought her headphones and an Mp3 player which I will load audio books on for her. She might be terribly offended or might love being able to read easier — I’m not sure how it is going to play out!

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